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Nutri-cising (v): an on going commitment to engage in healthy eating and exercise behaviors to improve physical performance and overall health throughout the life cycle. 

Simply Nutricising’s mission is to provide athletes with the most up to date evidence-based nutrition education to perform their best while continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many factors contribute to an athlete’s performance and training plan, but exercise and proper nutrition are the 2 main elements that can greatly influence athletic performance. It is important that exercise and nutrition are consistently working together. For some athletes, eating can seem like a job to consume adequate calories and nutrients around training/competition, work, socializing with family and friends, and other daily activities.

Proper nutrition is a commitment for life. Just as there is a life cycle, there is a nutrition cycle. Your nutrition plan will change over a week, month, year, and year (s) due to: 

→Changes in your training plan: an increase or decrease in your training’s intensity and/or volume 

→Physical injuries affecting your sport

→ Your stage in the human life cycle: specific nutrients are important to consume during different age groups

→Diagnosed disease states 

→Lifestyle changes: how nutrition fits in with your current work situation, family dynamic, and social life

→Your dietary preferences

You may have some obstacles and maybe even some set backs throwing you off your exercise training and healthy eating habits, but you will quickly rebound, reset, and recover by moving forward towards engaging in those consistent eating behaviors that provide you the fuel to be the athlete you want to be, dream to be, and will be.

Alyson Heller is Simply Nutricising’s Registered Dietitian at your fingertips. Nutrition education resources can be accessed currently through Simply Nutricising’s blog, recipe page, resource page, and social media.

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